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Our most common feedback

"I didn't know something like Veritas existed!"

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Neutrality is the core principle of Veritas.  


We work with all types of equipment maintenance providers, vendors, and service organizations who provide both direct and third party service and support via a variety of business models. But our lips are sealed. We only discuss industry trends and provide our opinions based on information that is available to you, your peers, and the marketplace in general.


We respect confidentiality.

Veritas Simplex welcomes the use of NDAs to secure proprietary information. And we will expect the same in return.

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Our team is mainly comprised of finance and operations people. But our 'backroom' experts spend most of their time talking directly to clients. Our goal is to bridging the gap between clients and providers. We consider ourselves to be 'interpreters'.


We speak multiple industry languages from multiple points of view; "finance", "operations", "sales", "clinical engineering", "database", and many specific departments. As well as OEM, ISO, multivendor, insurance, and many more.


A lifetime worth of learning we bring to clients and providers.

Value Proposition

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Problem solving, perspective,

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Veritas is a unique resource employed by equipment maintenance providers seeking objectivity and perspective in their finance and operations administration. You can trust our team to provide advise and guidance that will help your organization gain valuable insights and be the catalyst for positive change.

We were all the to ‘go to people’ in our past lives and we continue to, quietly, be the ‘go to people’ in the marketplace.

Audit: Performance Benchmarking

New to the industry, Veritas will complete an impartial, independent audit of your organization's book providing industry specific metrics and applicable data points.

Development: Business Process Design

Veritas' operations experts will assist you in creating appropriate financial and operational business practices to meet your organization's objectives.

Re-Engineer: Evolving Your Business Practices

Veritas can help realign your methodology to updated goals and objectives while optimizing your resources and business processes.

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Client Facing Services

Our preferred method of working with equipment maintenance providers and their clients is to join the conversation at inception to set the stage for success and avoid common hurdles.

But, let's face it - most people reach out when they need a hand. Sometimes it's a simple. Other times, not so much. Regardless, with Veritas' experience and positioning as an independent, impartial 'fact-finding' consultancy, our involvement offers both parties a level of comfort and faith that they are getting the right answer for everyone (and one that works!). We develop cohesive solutions that empower everyone involved with confidence in the results, assurance that the deal is mutually valuable, and certainty that a long-term relationship was forged.

Overcome Limited Info: Assurances with Intermediaries

Veritas brings a level of comfort as an unbiased intermediary able to filter and share information between providers and clients.

Level the Playing Field: Intrepreting and Quantifying

Veritas speaks all industry languages and assists providers and clients in understanding each other and the marketplace.

Resolve Disputes: Providing the Facts

As an independent advisor, Veritas conciliates between providers and clients so they are able to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Move a Stalled Deal Forward: Problem Solving and Guidance

A deal may stall for a variety of reasons, but it's often a need for data or an interpreter. Veritas can assist with finding and solving the hurdle.

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Veritas has
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