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Validate your project with our NO COST study

Validate your project with our NO COST study

Making Equipment Maintenance Management




Equipment Maintenance Management Business Analytics

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The Veritas Simplex team came together to create a brand based on all the things that we always wished we could provide clients:

  • We address 100% of your portfolio

  • We have no product agenda

  • We respect your financial and operational goals, and risk tolerance

  • We are able to advise you on the nuances in the industry

  • We bring success to our client's through innovation and creativity

About Us

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You want real data,

not another 'product'.

We get that.

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What We Do



Financial Based Audit (FBA)



Performance Contracting



Developing Your Portfolio



Veritas Simplex endorses their inclusion in a healthy portfolio

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Our focus is
client advocacy
and education

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Why Veritas

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We see the world in greyscale

We see the infinite shades of grey in equipment maintenance management. A function of expertise, seeing in greyscale means we have to ability to advise you on the nuances most overlook. It may make the difference between good and great opportunities.

We present options

We make your portfolio accessible by finding and analyzing 100% of your maintenance spend.  With good insight into your portfolio, we work together to find a solution for all of your equipment that fits your operational and financial goals and risk tolerance while integrating into related functions within your organization.

We are both concept and application

Our primary influence lies in data and conceptual design. And theory and innovative thinking are incredibly powerful; however, what is significant is the ability to reify and actualize them. We help you build actionable strategies and solutions that you have both the ability and desire to execute.

We focus on the outcome

While we plan and meet a schedule, our goal is to structure our relationships on value rather than time. Neither of us should feel like a timeframe limits our success, but instead that we're making progress gathering data, solving problems, and leveraging opportunities collaboratively to develop achieveable goals.

We challenge our clients

We encourage our clients to stretch their thinking and consider new opportunities. We are energized by the potential we see in them - often before our clients realize it for themselves.

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Key to success is

Financials + Experts

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Validate your project with our NO COST study

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Why do I need Veritas when I have a team who handles our Equipment Maintenance Management?

Our goal is to create long term partnerships within each sector of your organization to ensure that everyone succeeds. In our experience, in-house teams often do not have the vast, variable knowledge set across all your modalities in pricing, underwriting, operations management, and service management. Their primary responsibilities focus on particular modalities or functions in service planning or execution. The comprehensive expertise provided by Veritas Simplex is necessary in tailoring and building a balanced equipment maintenance portfolio for your organization. We strive to provide you with implementable solutions sets that meld with your team.



Mailing Address:
PO BOX 906
Davidson, NC 28036

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