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Approaching innovation in equipment maintenance with creative, original thinking.

Veritas Simplex will design a portfolio that not only fits your operational and financial goals and risk tolerance, but also one which you have the ability and desire to implement.


Success in equipment maintenance management has become understanding and applying the financial correctly. It's not as simple as having a contract price you should aspire to, or a total discount that you should achieve. It's not something which can be calculated by a computer. Nor is it intuitive.

There are detailed questions that need to be asked; coupled with solutions tailored to your organization with an intimate level of industry knowledge that considers every aspect of the process. And above all else it must be done in an unbiased manner without a product agenda. A systematic evaluation of each facility, each department, and each piece of equipment to find their solution.

There is no 'one stop shop' or single service provider in equipment maintenance management

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Are you ready to affect POSITIVE CHANGE 
in your organization?

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